sobor Travelers will appreciate the fact that the city’s main landmarks are within ten minutes’ walk from the hotel. pazaev

About the Hotel Kaliningrad

In 1255, crusaders captured a Prussian stronghold on a high hill overlooking the River Pregel. Soon a castle was built on this site, with people settling around it. This was how Koenigsberg appeared, with a castle at its heart, its lofty towers serving as a beacon for travelers arriving in Koenigsberg.

It is in this landmark city hub that you come across the city’s largest and best known hotel with an eponymous name – Kaliningrad Hotel. Its building is the first thing that welcomes travelers approaching Kaliningrad via its main thoroughfare – Lenin Avenue. Hotel windows offer a panoramic view of the Kant Island and the excavation site of the castle whose stones ones provided the starting point for the city’s centuries-long history.

Kaliningrad Hotel with its 206 rooms offers both a comfortable stay and the full range of services: billiards, beauty parlor, laundry, drycleaner’s, luggage office, and guarded parking lot. The menus of the restaurant and several bars will suit every taste.

Business people can avail themselves of international telephone service, satellite TV, Internet access, and airline ticket booking service.

For those who seek to experience the city, Kaliningrad Hotel will organize tours, provide a guide and translator, along with extensive travel information and souvenirs.

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Отличная гостиница! Шикарный вестибюль! Персонал молодой, но компетентный, вежливый, приятно общаться и получать массу информации. Цены демократичные. Номера чистейшие, убираются регулярно. Ресторан, кафе, бильярдный клуб оставили только положительные эмоции - все очень вкусно, доступно, быстро. Очень удобное месторасположение. Шикарный вид из окна.


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